March 2012

Straight from the mouths of those affected

"Top five reasons individuals cannot obtain employment"

Some say the job market is improving; others have a tendency to disagree. Regardless of which side you agree with, we can all agree that the reality is that some individuals have jobs and others do not. A large portion of those without employment are actively seeking to change their status – yet find themselves struggling to obtain something stable.

Although I am in the percentage of employment, I work with those individuals who fall in the “need employment and are actively seeking it” category. Interestingly enough, I facilitate a job readiness group – not a group targeting resume writing and applications, but rather a focus on the individual views of the work world, what employers are seeking in hires, etc.

The best part about this group for me, is that I get an opportunity to hear the struggles straight from individuals who are experiencing it. This week, the primary focus was on two things – the top five reasons individuals cannot obtain employment and the top five reasons people cannot maintain/keep employment. What I found interesting is that although the news highlights the struggle as a general economic struggle, these individuals never once mentioned the economy. They all noted that jobs are out there. To them, the top 5 things holding people back from employment are: lack of experience, minimal qualifications, criminal background, appearance and communication skills.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

"It’s worth signing up – who wouldn’t like having a little extra money?"

 The news consistently comments on the job market; comments on the economy and the debate of whether it’s improving or not. The thing is, who knows. If you spend time asking the American people, I suppose some would agree that the market is improving. Many others who are continuing the daunting journey of job hunting, may argue that nothing has changed. That finding employment continues to be a seemingly never ending battle.

Regardless, I suppose we can all agree that the economy and the job market isn’t necessarily where we would like it to be. Economic improvements or not, most of us continue to strive to find ways to make a little extra money, to pay off our debts faster than originally planned and to remove some financial burden and stress from our lives.

Believe me, I have scoured the internet looking for quick money making opportunities. They are few and far between; here in Denver, we have some options, but they are not going to bring in substantial amounts of money. They are likely to give you a little extra cash here and there; a little money to throw towards a fun night on the town or a little extra to your credit card. They will not eliminate your financial struggles nor provide you with consistent money making opportunities.

For those of you with or without a job, look into focus group opportunities. Focus groups are essentially a means of research, for which our perceptions, opinions and attitudes about something are evaluated. Companies use focus groups to gauge and obtain information about their products, new ideas, etc. Given that this information can be invaluable to the companies, these companies often pay participants for their participation in the group.