December 2011

One Stop Shopping For Job Seekers

"This is your opportunity to provide potential employers your information in person"

Career and job fairs prove to be an excellent resource for the unemployed and the employed yet looking for something new population. Essentially having a variety of employers in one arena, providing information on their businesses, companies, etc. and often offering onsite interviewing, can be a one stop job seekers dream. Career fairs occur sporadically in Denver, but when they do, their benefits can be endless.

Anyone who is struggling in this economy with finding steady employment, is well aware of how exhausting the job search can be. Countless hours online, looking through newspapers, keeping your eyes peeled for “now hiring” signs, submitting resumes, filling out applications, interviewing and returning calls to potential employers, is essentially a job in and of itself.

With that being said, utilizing the benefits of a career/job fair can provide the ability to conquer those things above, in one setting, at one time. Advice for those heading to the career fair…bring many resumes, dress professionally or in line with the type of career fair you are attending, be on time, be personable and use this time to communicate your goals and the benefits you can offer this company, bring your drivers’ license (if applicable), bring references with accurate contact information, do not spend your time on your phone (texting, answering calls, etc.), and bring copies of certifications if applicable. It is best to look at a career fair, as an interview.

Craigslist....A Useful Employment Tool?

Craigslist is a phenomenal job resource and ultimately, any website posting job information, in an economy where jobs seem scarce, prove to be a useful job tool. For Denver, there are numerous jobs posted on Craiglist each day. From warehouse to retail, various employers utilize the convenience of this website to post information about their openings. They provide job fairs, addresses of their employer, how to apply, etc. What's not to like about that?