November 2011

These Boots Are Made For Shoveling

The nationwide job market continues to be an uphill battle. Those looking for employment continue searching the newspaper, various websites and networking with others. I have talked about looking into seasonal work – although temporary, it can provide income for a period of time. We often hear “seasonal” and think retail work…given the holiday season and the sought after, Black Friday shopping. However, we live in Colorado and with that being said, seasonal means far more than Black Friday.

Most people think of the mountains when they hear Colorado. They think skiing, snowboarding and various outdoor activities…all of which are true. However, in order to tap into those winter activities, we need one primary ingredient – snow. Denver gets its fair share of snow throughout the winter season. We manage to trek through our sidewalks and driveways and battle the snowy roadways, in an effort to continue functioning as normal. And how is that possible?

Some Close Doors, Others Open Them

In the previous two months, Denver has experienced an increase in employment and a slight decrease in unemployment rates. Metro Denver and the Monthly Economic Summary, seem to suggest a possible light at the end of the tunnel, or if nothing else, a step in the right direction. New companies and stores opening in Denver or planning to open, simply offer all of us seeking employment (full-time or part-time) an opportunity to stabilize our current finances and our financial futures.

Denver news stations, papers, etc. do a good job of notifying the public about large companies opening stores or branches in the city and surrounding cities. Look at the publicity created by IKEA. Months and months of updated information on their store, its progress and the number of people they would be looking to hire upon opening.  Follow the news and the stories on these companies, as they often inform us of the steps to take to acquire employment.

New businesses are often a great resource for the unemployed.  They often look to fill numerous positions and typically, need these filled in a timely fashion, so they can be prepared to open their doors. Although big companies and businesses are often mentioned in the news, the smaller businesses do not always make the headlines. But information IS out there and often times, they are hiring as well. Below are a few stores/businesses that are currently hiring here in Denver and the surrounding areas.