October 2011

Second Chances - The Barrier of the Background

"There is information on the Work Opportunity Tax Credit which is designed to offer incentives to those high risk hires."

The economy is difficult for everyone…young and old, male and female. Thousands remain unemployed and are seeking stable employment here in Denver. Competition is steep and employers spend time sifting through emails and paper applications seeking the most qualified applicant. So what happens when there is something on your resume, application, or job history that poses as a significant barrier? The dreaded criminal background check.

There are many people out there worthy of employment, yet a mistake in their past, can be the component that hinders their actual marketability. I spend countless hours working to provide individuals with a criminal background (misdemeanor and felony level) a listing of places that are hiring each week. Their battle and my own lie within finding companies/employers willing to hire and work with individuals who have a criminal history.

Technology Vs. Tradition

According to the Denver Post, a Lowe’s store here in Denver will be closing its doors and once again, putting a mass of individuals in the dreaded “unemployment” category. Lowe’s will be closing various stores throughout the United States, and one Denver store on Zuni, has fallen victim. Ironically, Lowe’s still estimates opening a large variety of stores following 2012, even though numerous are falling apart now.

For those approximate 90 employees who may be in the market for something new, ironically, Home Depots throughout Denver, have a variety of positions available. Easiest way to apply? Online. This at least allows you to choose your location and scan the possible opportunities. However, given the current market and the hundreds of thousands of people seeking employment, finding a way to stand above the competition is more than half the battle.