September 2011

A Changing of The Seasons

  It appears that every time you turn on the news, local or national, the topic of the ongoing struggle for employment engulfs a portion of a news segment. We see this struggle on television, in the newspaper, and on the faces of many who fight the battle of finding some financial stability. The job market is tough...and although moments of recovery seem in sight, reality reminds us that there are many people still waiting for a light at the end of the tunnel.
Well, as with everything...lights come in different shapes, sizes and colors. And there may actually be a small light at the end of Denver's tunnel. Its essentially in the form of colorful lights that will begin to line our streets and homes.....those lights of Halloween and Christmas. The seasonal lights that brighten our city for a period in the fall and winter months  and fade slowly at the sight of the new year. Yep, it is the time of the year for seasonal employment. The time when employers add on additional staff to meet the needs of our growing city and thirst and hunger of the holiday shoppers.  Haunted houses, retail stores, etc. are currently seeking individuals willing to take on the holiday hustle and bustle, while making some extra cash along the way. All you have to do is look and think outside the box....what do you do for the holidays? Where do you like to shop? What attractions, places, and things attract those holiday crowds????