March 2010

Program Helps Homeless Vets in Denver

If there’s a specific job news that truly breaks my heart, it’s news of people losing their homes or having to simply live on the street due to lack of a job. It’s sad whether it’s a man, woman, or child, and it’s something that we truly have the power to fix. According to the latest Mother Jones magazine, the $14 trillion Wall Street Bailout would have easily bought a home for every homeless American—which would have cost $878 billion, leaving plenty to spare.

And we treat our homeless people so horribly. I hear people berate the homeless so much, but when I studied them through interviews with StandUp for Kids, actual homeless people, and did research for homeless projects years ago, I learned that many homeless people are children who have been abused and people with mental illnesses. That isn’t a call for berating people; it’s a cry for help.