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Youth Jobs

“youth make a difference in themselves and their community through meaningful service opportunities and educational experience”.

Finding jobs is a challenge, regardless of one’s age. Yet, for young adults, finding jobs can be a different challenge. Often times, young adults acquire jobs at fast food establishments, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. All of these, although starting towards the bottom of the employment chain, can provide valuable work lessons that we can carry with us throughout our lives. They can teach time management, how to earn a paycheck, how to work together with others and how to take direction from those in authority positions. However, if your goal isn’t to eventually create a career in these fields, these jobs can seem as if they can take you nowhere. Why not obtain employment that allows you to earn an essential skill set that you can use later in life?

In Denver, there is a program designed to do just that. Mile High Youth Corps is a program tailored for 18-24 year old individuals. This program is designed for individuals who would like to obtain experience in the field of “green technology”. It provides its members with entry level experience in energy conservation, land conservation, and water conservation. There are many unique qualities to this program from education experiences to community involvement.

Mile High Youth Corps helps “youth make a difference in themselves and their community through meaningful service opportunities and educational experience”. There are a few options should a young adult be interested in this program. First and foremost, the conservation programs are for individuals who have a GED or diploma – and at completion, they have the opportunity to earn an education award that can be used towards furthering their education. This program lasts 5-6 months, but provides on-site job experience, training and overall job readiness services. They also offer a program called Youthbuild. This program is designed for individuals who do not currently have a diploma or GED. The unique component of this program is that individuals spend ½ their time in a classroom, working towards completion of the GED and ½ of their time working and obtaining valuable job experience. A primary benefit to this program, is that individuals get paid for their hours in the classroom and on a job site. Very few of us who attended school, can say we were paid to be there. They too, offer an education award following completion of the program. They also aid with job placement assistance throughout the program, so that students are in a position to have employment following completion of the program.

There is a variety of information available on their website, including online applications. They are beginning to hire for the Conservation programs (to begin in the summer) in March 2012.