Home Depot Does It Again

Home Depot Does It Again

"Home Depot is planning to hire 800 seasonal employees here in Denver"

Any news of job postings/hirings is always a positive, in an economy as up and down as ours. Ironically, a few months ago, I posted an article about Lowe’s having to let people go. The flip side was that Home Depot was hiring. News indicated that once again, Home Depot is hiring. Spring time is one of the busiest seasons for Home Depot; I suppose with the cabin fever wearing off and the desire to spring clean, garden and make some repairs to your home, Home Depot could be like a candy store for children.

Home Depot is planning to hire 800 seasonal employees here in Denver alone to combat this busy season. Their career website lays out which stores are hiring and for what. Although seasonal work does not always fill the career paths of some, it does offer employment with the potential to get hired on for a more stable position.

I spend each day working with individuals who are struggling with employment.  Any lead whatsoever, is a step in the right direction for those people battling the difficult process of finding a job. Although Denver is a large city, 800 positions open with Home Depot is an amazing opportunity, especially to any of those who have been actively job seeking for quite some time.

As noted, their website provides further information yet also gives you the avenue to apply. Reality is, you don’t have to be a professional gardener or handyman to be in the running. Customer service, cashiers, etc. are also needed and in high demand.  This is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.